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Professional Editing Services

I am here to help you have more time on your hands, extra time on shooting less time in the office editing, my packages are geared towards helping any one that is looking for that single image touch up to a whole wedding process. Reach out at any time to get a quote or need a more custom price reared towards what you need. 

Undivided attention


These packages are reared towards 1-20 images, these are for single touch up, meaning it can be for minor blemish removal to, magazine and billboard finish.


    Bulk Pricing can be found here 

Minor Touch-up


$5 per piece

Color correction, cropping and adjusting Contrast, basic skin clearing, blemish removal, brightening of eyes and teeth.


Major Touch-up


$40-60 per piece

 Color correction, cropping and adjusting Contrast, In depth skin clearing, blemish removal, brightening of eyes and teeth, discoloration of skin (Jaundice, Red, Purple) Air brushing, Hair fly-aways, Cropping and Adjustments with lighting plus Digital makeup touch-up correction, body correction (double Chin, waist, arms etc)


Photomanipulation Speciality Service


$100-150 Per Piece

This package is geared towards more artistic changes as following, object removal, Sky Swap, face & Position swap, cropping out and in placing new background entirely, lighting direction modification, color adjustments.


Image Restoration


35$ Per Piece - This includes complete clean up and reconstruction to get back what was lost to its orginal beauty.


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