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Professional Editing Services

I am here to help you have more time on your hands, extra time on shooting less time in the office editing, my packages are geared towards helping any one that is looking for that single image touch up to a whole wedding process. Reach out at any time to get a quote or need a more custom price reared towards what you need. 

Bulk Pricing


Bulk prices are slightly different from Single images for example you can pay less when you decide to have a large amount of images edited, there are several different categories

Culling Gallery - This is where you send me the entire set or shoot, I go through the images and do an assessment of elimination, I take out doubles and choose images where I make sure eyes are open, flattering expressions, Sharpness, composition basically the best images.

Colour Correction - I go through your images and do a proper color balance, Vibrance, exposure, highlights, shadows and sharpen. 

Polish Edits -  Let's take your images to the next level and polish your finals up. Contrast, pimple removal, teeth whitening, eye brightening, smoothing of the skin, Dodge and burn



Premium Edits - You basically just want to tweek a few minor details, this can be something on the ground like small obvious objects, arm adjustment, double chin, waist, skin color adjustment (Red, purple, yellow tint) we all have had that bride that cried at her wedding and now her poor bronzer has smudged.

Signature edits - These are more in depth adjustments, at times changing whole elements like Sky Swap, Face and position swaps (Perfect shot but someone was blinking), extensive Object removal. 

Bulk 20-100 Images



Culling Gallary - .04$ Per image
Colour Correction - .50$ Per image
Polish Edits - 2.25$ Per image
Premium Edits - 4.00$ Per image
Signature edits - 25-50$ Per image

Bulk 100 + Images



Culling Gallary - .04$ Per image
Colour Correction - .35$ Per image
Polish Edits - 2.00$ Per image
Premium Edits - 3.50$ Per image
Signature edits - 25-50$ Per image

Black & White/ Sepia

Black and white or Sepia - 20$ Whole set

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