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Moncton Event Photographer
Event Photography Package 2024

L.Bardsley specializes in capturing the essence of your special events. Our professional photography services are designed to document significant moments at conferences and banquets—from keynote speakers and award ceremonies to the spontaneous joy of prom—ensuring that your memories are preserved with stunning clarity and detail.

What to expect:

  • ​(5-300 person) Covers most size events, parties and gatherings.

  • Sharp quality images, regardless of the venue indoor or out.

  • Professional editing, images will be finalized with colour adjustments.

  • Digital gallery with high-resolution images for you to download, share, and print.

  • Personal print release rights, so you can create prints at your convenience.

  • Turn around time expectation is 48-72 hours after shooting event.

  • First hour - $220 Tax included

  • Every consecutive hour after - $95 Tax included

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